Saturday, July 17, 2010


seperti yg diketahui umum..

aku sememangnye HARD CORE fan SS501 & SUPER JUNIOR..

but lately my love grows for U KISS also..


mmg gler kn...

lately,aku terlalu fall in luv ngn MV bru SUPER JUNIOR,NO OTHER..

uish,mmg terusik r naluri keperempuanan aku tgk MV 2...

they really made me melts everyday..huk3..

but my love never change for SS501..

they always no 1 in my heart...

like their last album with DSP,DESTINATION..

LOVE YA...this time..

they drive me into crazy ..

xspecially KYU JONG...

dats y he still no 1 in my heart..

untill now even diorg dh berhentikn promotion diorg..

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