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Pergggghhhhh.....lame kn x post kt blog tercinta ni..haha~no idea+tenet KK4 cm siput babi je sejak 2 menjak ni..huh..ni sbb bru dpt idea nk post pe,so,please anticipate it..hik3~~


Ni memang the most memorable event in 2011..this date saye x kan lupe smpai bler2..19 MARCH 2011..~SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW 3
LIVE IN MALAYSIA~..Tahun lepas.SS2 xdpt pi sbb aku jd pengarah program utk booth jualan SeMampan..so,tahun ni,impian tercapai akhirnye..even just mampu beli tiket paling murah (RM 226),tapi that concert still DAEBAK gler..siyes,xrugi pi..EXCITED???xpayah ckap r..saye ni dh la memang seorang
manusia yg cepat excited..lagi2 bler nk jmpe OPPA SUPER JUNIOR yg
sume nyer mmg PERFECT..waaaaaaa,diorg sume mmg hebat..masuk je stadium,dah rase kagum gler..

first,the amazing SAPPHIRE BLUE OCEAN..

bler start je muzik,pergh,jantung dup dap dup dap..kuat gler kot speaker die,rase cm nk luruh jatung..tp demi nk tgk performance SUJU,tahan je r..haha~THE OPENING,siyes best gler..my feveret song,SORRY SORRY..fuh,nmpk ade org terbang2..dasat kot..when they appears,saye dgn x sedar diri nye
menjerit...haha~"opppppppppaaaaaaa....."menjerit sampai saket tekak kot..bru opening je tu..hik3~~

haaa,luper plak nk bgtau..konsert ni dlm 3D~its means,even kt skrin pn,siyes nmpak cm diorg real pnye..skrin pn agak beso la..nmpk sume2...

The performance i love most..Eunhyuk oppa..kalo pakwe sorg ni menari,siyes aku cair..dasat kot..sebab tu i sayang die lebey..and one thing,selame ni aku tgk video2 n gmbr2 die je,so,1st time tgk live,siyes Eunhyuk oppa sgt hencem..xtipu..He's really the most handsome anchovy..haha~for the
encore,oppa baling bola yg die kiss,sungguh jeles kepade sape2 yg dpt bola tu..tp xpe,i dpt catch his flying kiss..hik3..

Donghae oppa,dgn rambut blonde bru die tu,mmg hencem..and his did the same thing in Malaysia,oppa selca gne fan's camera..i think he really love selca..really King of Fan Services..admire his kind heart..

Yesung oppa..yang ni no doubt wif his vocal~bler die stat nyanyi lagu 'It Has To Be You',1 stadium ikut oppa nyanyi..and i can see his smile for the whole song..saye rase die dgr kot sume org ikut die nyanyi dat song,ade 1 part tu,die biarkan stadium nyanyi..and love his smile..oppa looks very2 hepi because the
Malaysian fans sing along wif him..sape kate oppa x femes..this performance prove it that he is very femes rite now..

Kyuhyun oppa,the Evil Magnae of Super Junior..and he's the most loveable
magnae yg my fren,Yana syg..envy wif Yana,die dpt bola yg oppa baling..tu kire nye hadiah burfday die tahun ni la kan..congrats yana~~haa,sambung cite pasal Kyu oppa..oppa ni,sbnrnye kelakar org nye..mase intro for the Suju members,die comey,cute and sebagainye..kelakar gler tgk oppa..hik3..

Siwon oppa..mamat ni xpayah cakap r,mmg hencem siot..very cool..bler die senyum je,nampak his pimple..fuh,cair kot..dgr die speaking,bunyi agak kekok but it's still acceptable,bley la paham..and paling kelakar,time die nk translate pe yg Eeteuk oppa ckp,die gelak dlu kot sblm translate..haha..

Sungmin oppa..his cutie smile..siyes oppa cute..die senyum je sepanjang concert and dats why i love him after Eunhyuk oppa..his smile show he's got all the aegyo..lg2 time tgk die terbang tu..pergh,mmg hencem r oppa,kalo bley nk
sambut die turun..hik3~~

Ryeowook oppa,his voice wat sy rase seram sejuk,siyes best..no doubt he's one of the main vocal of suju..comey je die...haha~tbe2 je time concert tu oppa nmpk hencem sgt..=)

Shindong oppa..die ni mmg comey..even die berisi sket,but i love his chubby cheek..paling kelakar time oppa hempap sungmin,leeteuk,and sape ntah lagi sorg yg duk wt comey2 tgh pentas tu..padan mke diorg kne hempap..haha~anyway,admire him..even die chubby,he's the best dancer..and he also the one wif a girlfren now..haa,sape ckap org 'comey' xley couple??
haha~~he prove it!!!!

Zhoumi oppa..yang ni,mmg amazing,selame ni xde r minat sgt die pn,tp mlm tu die perform,bley terbeliak gak mate sy ni..and because of that,i know why he's chosen to be the one of member for SJ-M..and everything about him,long..tinggi
siot mamat ni,mke panjang,kaki panjang,tangan panjang,pendek kate,sume la panjang..haha~~

Heechul oppa..yang sorang ni,mmg le,no doubt,he's so cool and handsome..patut le si Nurul Hanis,my beloved Dongsaeng ske die..4D person la kate kn..even mlm konsert tu appearance oppa agak terhad atas pentas,tp x mengecewakan..he
totally have a very good look..love his hairstyle..haha~and paling x bley bla,time die speaking..siyes kelakar abes..memang sje nk wt lawak r..and i think he's very femes la..ble sebut je Kim Heechul,1 stadium jerit kuat gler..and oppa appear wif the most hensem smile..haha~~

Henry..ni satu2 nye performance aku duk senyap je..bler die appear wif the piano,aku diam je,mmg expect die nk nyanyi lagu Baby-Justin Biebier..and at last,mmg die nyanyi lagu tu pn..admire his skill performing wif the piano..terpana aku..mamat ni mmg comey kot..die senyum je,pergh,aku rase cam ais yg cair ble kne air panas..haha~gler bayang sorang2..pas tu die dance,mmg hebat siot mamat ni,rupe ade,bley ckap byk bahase,ade skill plak tu,mmg patut le die bley
join SJ-M..

Eeeteuk oppa..for me,he's really like an angel,like his name..no matter what,he's the real leader..respect him so much..his solo performance,as usual wif piano,no doubt,he is very talented in many field..thats y i love and admire him so much..harap2 oppa sempat perform utk SS4 kt Malaysia nt..

and the most touching moment,the tribute for Kangin oppa..i think its the most amazing stage and touching..love the 3D effect..1 stadium senyap je time the tribute tu..how amazing effect yg penah aku tgk..

nk cite lg pasal concert tp nt pjg sgt2..so,rse nye ckup r kot smpai cni..tgk gmbr2 nt,rase nye bley r paham kot my feeling at the concert..haha~~

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