Saturday, January 14, 2012

Because Ilisten to my Heartbeat one by one...

This song really clinging in my heart for long time..near 1 year..and when i hear this song,my heart feel very aches..ouch..I wish I could have someone to hear my voice of heart because it never changing even it's long time ago...

My heart isn’t obsessed
Before the dawn.. Before the dawn..
I want to capture you no matter what

Without knowing, I step on your shadow
I’m probably gradually getting crazier
(Because I listen to my heart beat one by one)
To my eyes that sees everything to be dark,
You’re the only one that shines brightly
(Because I listen to my heart heart heart)

(Before the dawn)
close your eye and close your mind,
your road thats covered with veils
I want to protect you from a future
that seems to be captured in secrets
Because its, you must love me
(Before the dawn)
I’ll hold on tightly so you can’t leave
I’ll grab onto you so I won’t have to cry
No matter how many times you throw me away,
Or how much you prevent it, I’m never going to let you go

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